Natasha Nordahl
Candidate for Village Justice


“An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society.”

– CANON 1, Code of Conduct for United States Judges

About Natasha Nordahl

This September 15, I am asking you to elect me Justice of the Bronxville Village Court so I may bring a fresh perspective to our local court. Bronxville has been my family’s home since 2002, and I have had the privilege to serve our community in many different roles over the years, including as a member of the Planning Board, Secretary to the Middle School Council, and as a member of the Friends of the Bronxville Public Library Board. In addition to having worked over 25 years in private practice in New York State courts, I have actively served the broader Westchester legal community. I am a member of the Judicial Selection Committee which evaluates the fitness of retired Supreme Court Justices to serve as Judicial Hearing Officers. I am an active volunteer for CLARO (Civil legal action and Resource office) for which I assist low income litigants each week in the Supreme Court, Westchester County. Finally, I have served as a fee dispute arbitrator for the 9th Judicial District. 

When my husband and I moved to Bronxville 18 years ago, we were the youngest on our block. Our son Henry was 3, Charlie was 6 months and Oliver had not yet arrived.  Like many individuals and families before us, we were drawn here by, and stayed here because of, the sense of community and tradition. My boys are mostly grown now, and I am ready to take the next step in serving our great Village.

We all play a role in making Bronxville a place people want to live and work. I believe my experience professionally and personally, as a mother and a long-term resident of Bronxville, make me ideally qualified for the position of Village Justice. I hope you support me for Village Justice on March 18th so I may have the privilege of continuing to serve our community in this new role and to serve each individual before the court in a fair, respectful and reasoned way. In doing so, I hope to foster the sense of community we all know and love.

While I am proud to have been nominated by the Democratic party, I am equally proud to be supported by, and running on, the BronxvilleNow independent line. It is important that this election is a contested one so that voters have a choice of whom they wish to serve in this important position.

WHY DO I WANT TO BE A VILLAGE JUSTICE? In my view, it is more important for neighbors to have their cases heard by a reasonable peer, than a lifetime expert in courtroom procedure. Even though I am a practiced and experienced litigator, my volunteer legal service experience has provided great opportunities to practice the judgement and temperament necessary to serve as a judge in our community. I would apply this judgement and experience to the cases before the Village court. I also believe it is important for the Village to develop its next generation of leaders.  

WHAT DOES A VILLAGE JUSTICE DO? The Village of Bronxville Justice Court handles civil matters (up to $3,000), traffic infractions, local landlord/tenant matters and criminal matters. She can also perform weddings!

HOW LONG ARE THE JUSTICE’S TERMS ? There are two Village Justices who serve in staggered four-year terms.